With the launch of the first-ever BMW X2 came a need to address a new market that was modern, innovative, and digitally-inclined. In order to achieve this, EOH Digital delivered a ground-breaking, omni-channel strategy that positioned the vehcile in a new light, and delivered key messaging to an entirely new marketing segment.

Intended outcomes:

The brief was as follows:

  • Highlight BMW as the inventor of the SAV;
  • Strengthen the BMW X range by adding the X2 model to the family;
  • Support sales and brand targets; and
  • Strengthen the emotional appeal of the X2 model.

The process:

Reimagining, reinventing and repositioning the existing brand image of a well-established brand such as BMW is a rare occasion. However, the launch of the first-ever BMW X2 offered exactly this opportunity. To appeal to the target audience consisting of both younger and older millennial segments ranging between the ages of 21 to 35, a fresh, visually enticing, relatable and disruptive digital content strategy was required. Content had to be local, inclusive and original. As such, two influencers were identified, who aided in humanising and personifying the vehicle; renowned artist Nelson Makamo and entrepreneur Sibusiso Ngwenya.

The strategic approach to the art direction was divided into three tiers. As part of the first tier, the X2 positioning needed to be personified and represented by influencers and people who stood out from the crowd, who were revolutionary in their thought, appearance and occupation, thus aligning with the almost rebellious, unique and defiant character of the vehicle itself. This very edgy approach to the campaign served to showcase the unique personality of the X2.

In order to reach the specific target audience effectively, the second tier consisted of an omni-channel strategy allowing for maximum digital touchpoint visibility. As such, a microsite, social media content (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube), banners, Tinder and homepage takeovers were implemented. An unexpected approach to the creative layout of the microsite formed the second tier of the art direction. As the microsite was the driving force behind this campaign, it became the epitome of everything the X2 represents. The social media elements followed this unique, fresh and striking creative approach. Given that the campaign ran from end-March 2018 to mid-June 2018, the continuation of the visual flair, the individualistic creative approach and the bold visuals was not an easy feat, but was essential to the campaign success.

The third tier consisted of a complete disruption of the norms, expectations and conventions of both social media marketing and banner advertising. The placement of ad units on platforms such as Shazam and Tinder aided in disrupting run of the mill advertising expectations and allowed the X2 to not only stand out from other BMWs but from all compact SUVs in its class.

To create a campaign that allowed the unique X2 to stand out from other BMWs and from competing compact SUVs, a global break from BMW’s stringent CI was negotiated. All creative followed the X2 core messaging: rethink, reshape, rework, reimagine. Life was breathed into this concept through brainstorm and ideation sessions to formulate visual styles and a clear campaign direction. As a result of these sessions, influencers Nelson Makamo and Sibusiso Ngwenya were chosen to personify the vehicle identity. In addition, exceptional artists were included in the locally shot video to further create a feeling of standing out from the crowd.

The campaign was driven by the X2 microsite, built in vue.js. The site is defined by an impactful visual language. Bold, bright colours complemented by sharp diagonals break from the traditional square website designs. Striking visuals set on high-contrast multiple composited layers allowed the creative to speak louder than the light copy usage, which brought the X2 to life in a visually enticing manner. The homepage sets the design tone, showcasing a visually stimulating design and a unique glitch effect, drawing attention to the boldness of the vehicle. The remaining pages followed suit, showcasing large high-res images and featuring parallax elements, a 360˚ vehicle colour configurator, colour changing vertical lines, floating polygons, animated headlines and interchanging backgrounds.

Accompanying the microsite and meeting BMW’s expectation of test drive bookings, a test drive page with an avant-garde stepped booking process was created. This clutter-free, distraction-free booking page offered a clean-cut design, allowing users to complete one field at a time, before moving to the next field. This simplified process still met BMW’s set guidelines of a 7-step test drive booking process without being overwhelming. The benefits of this unique website design were two-fold; garnering increased dwell rates thanks to subtle interactivity and the freedom to optimise in real-time based on performance. The microsite design translated onto social media. On Instagram, an “Instaglitch” story glitched to unveil the X2, allowing the vehicle to make its unique and never seen before entrance. On Facebook, video carousels took centre stage, showcasing the vehicle’s character from all angles. On Twitter, convo cards and snackable video aligning to the vehicle positioning kept audiences engaged. The same disruptive design was carried over into the banners, showcasing a clean flow of bold colours and diagonals, allowing for seamless integration into the existing Shazam environment. Video layovers on AdColony showcased the full design spectrum, featuring the striking diagonal designs to enhance the vehicle appearance.


The ultimate highlight for this campaign came in the form of an Assegai Award.


7 Vehicles Sold | R4 200 000 Total Sales | 255% Return on Investment.