There was a need for building companies and privateers in the industrial sector to access on-the-fly building resources relating to PPC products. The solution to this came in the form of a mobile app which catered to builders that were contracted out by PPC companies.

Intended outcomes

An easy to use app which offered core features offline and assisted building planners to calculate resources needed to get jobs done.

The process

PPC had envisioned a design based on their CI. This was scoped out with the design agency at EOH. The technical aspects were then mapped out based on the design expectations. The development was staged out in 2-week cycles and each sprint was presented to EOH sales (head office) and PPC at their offices. The sprint was signed off thereafter. The full project was delivered and released to the public on the respective app stores.


The biggest challenge was having to go through various channels of communication in order to get the necessary information. Sometimes even simple requests took time as people were not available to assist. Eventually, we agreed on having a single line of communication and this alleviated the issue.


The sheer amount of app downloads and positive reviews were a great acknowledgement of the hard work that was put into the project. The app was marketed on a roadshow too.


The app has delivered value to PPC and their stakeholders, and it also helps builders with their daily tasks. The app works on a large number of devices to ensure that everyone has access to it.