Experience Design

At EOH Digital, we strive to design
experiences, products and services from three
perspectives Namely: customer desirability,
business viability and technical feasibility.

Customer Experience Design (CX)

Customer Experience Design involves the experience a customer has with a brand through all touchpoints. By understanding the omni-channel customer journey and relevant user journeys, companies can ensure that they exceed customer expectations and live up to their brand promise.

User Experience Design (UX)

User Experience Design involves the experience a customer has with a brand for a particular channel; be it mobile, physical, or the call centre. It is the process of designing a product or service which is desirable to a customer and solves a genuine need.

Service Design

Service Design involves understanding the experience a customer has with your business and how the business processes, people, systems and infrastructure enable that experience.

“You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology - not the other way around.”

- Steve Jobs

What We Do

Struggling to engage your customer and meet them where they are at? At EOH Digital we are experts in assisting you to understand your customer needs through Design Thinking methods. We love a sticky note or two. We do this through the following techniques:

Understand your current customer journey: Analysing the current customer journey, channels, emotions, pain points and innovation opportunities.

Define your future customer journey: Defining the customer journey you would like your customers to experience with your brand by incorporating the learnings and innovation opportunities identified in the current customer journey.

Persona Mapping: Who is the customer; what are their needs, pains and how do we influence their behaviour?


Do you wonder why your customers haven’t fallen in love with your products and services? Maybe you need to first fall in love with your customers, and design solutions which are relevant and meaningful. At EOH Digital we do this by:

Discovery and User Research: Understand who your customers are; what are their needs, pains and how do we influence their behaviour?

Mapping current and future user journeys: Mapping the experience a user has for a particular journey or channel within your brand

Prototyping: A potential solution for the required channel, based on our understanding of the business requirement, user needs and what is technically feasible.

User Validation: We strongly believe in testing our solution with actual users to validate our assumptions and biases. We do not design in isolation and love to learn and see where we can improve our design to make the experience for the customer even more desirable.


Do you have great aspirations for the experience your customers have with your business but fail to deliver that experience due to poor business processes, architecture and data? EOH Digital can assist with this through the following:

Service Blueprint: We start by defining the customer journey, and then map the front stage and back stage supporting layers. This includes the business processes, technology adopted, and data architecture and infrastructure setup. By understanding this holistic view, friction points and innovation opportunities can be easily identified and executed on.